About Us

"The Neighborhood Boys & Girls Club is a non-profit independent organization founded in 1931 dedicated to youth development. Our mission is to enhance the well-being and develop the potential of our members, their families and the community."

NBGC continuously pursues enhancements in both its youth service offerings and organizational governance, to ensure it achieves the vision of its founders; "building better men and women." While extremely proud of the more than 85 years of uninterrupted service to the community, the board, staff, leaders and volunteers are unwavering in their commitment to meet and exceed the expectations and needs of youth, their families and the community.

In 1931, on a chilly October afternoon The Neighborhood Boys Clubs foundation was stemmed from a single football game played at Revere Park. What started in a tiny Chicago garage would grow into a thriving community organization that would reach beyond the vision our founders had. Robert Buehler and Richard Valentin’s mission was clear, to create a place to build “Better Men” and where “Everyone Plays.” Through the ideals of our visionary founders, our organization was born.

NBGC has been an integral part of the community for 85 years. Operations are supported by alumni, parent and business contributions, foundation and corporate, fundraisers. Situated in Paul Revere Park on Irving Park Road just west of Western Ave., the Neighborhood Boys & Girls Club features four baseball diamonds, three football/soccer fields, tennis courts, playground, clubhouse with a game room, afterschool activity rooms and 2 indoor practice gyms.

NBGC members ranging from 5 to 18 years of age are able to participate in numerous athletic, educational, social and leadership programs offered by our organization. These positive adult and teen supervised programs provides an alternative to the negative influences outside NBGC. The Club emphasizes sportsmanship and teamwork where all members, no matter their skill level, are guaranteed participation. Membership is free to the 1500+ girls & boys who participate year round. The program goes far beyond sports. Leadership skills, new friendships, and most of all a pride in oneself are the natural outcome of the unique Neighborhood Boys & Girls Club.

By far, the most important program NBGC offers is our Youth Development and Leadership Program. A dedicated group of young people are responsible for each and every youth. Facilitating the day-to-day programs, these Youth Leaders learn to guide, mentor and be role models and in their community. An NBGC Leader acquires a sense of initiative and self-discipline, self-esteem in becoming a role-model, a creative approach to challenges and communication with peers, co-workers and superiors. NBGC is dedicated to enhancing the lives and futures of our youth and Leaders are eligible to receive scholarships to college with our Leaders' of the Future Scholarship Fund. Alumni, past recipients and local businesses contribute to or sponsor our young Leaders college futures. The leadership skills gained at NBGC become the foundation for a lifetime of success!