CELEBRATE – “A Great Ride” & 2011 HOF

On October 30, 2021 the Neighborhood Boys & Girls Club will celebrate its 90th Anniversary and induct seven new members into the Hall of Fame. The event will be at the White Eagle Event and Convention Center in Niles, Illinois.

This blog entry continues to highlight the first eight members of the Hall of Fame, who were inducted in 2011. Below are links to the program from that event, as well as to Monkeyshines, Alumni Chatters, Reporters and other archives. In coming posts we will focus on other inductees. Enjoy the memories…more importantly, make plans with your family and friends to join teammates for a wonderful night to celebrate the NBGC!
2011 Anniversary and Hall of Fame Program (click)
Below are pictures and links to just a few of the many articles these Hall of Fame members are mentioned. The entire Monkeyshine, Report, Chatter, etc is included to experience the context of their mention.

Robert Buehler
Junior Leaders Visit Galena (click)
55 Years Review…Club name change, fishing, Mayor of Galena, birthday, Loyola trustee, etc. (click)

The link below, to the video entitled “A Great Ride”. includes testimonials by several alum to Robert Buehler.

​Dick Valentin
Letter to Parents During WWII (click)
55 Years Review…Rose Bowl, alligator, original clubhouse (click)
Memorial in Monkeyshines (click)

Rich Brandon
Forum…White Sox game (click)
Carnival (click)
1977 Year in Review…Named Executive Director (click)

Father Ray Baumhart
Ordained a Priest (click)​​
Leaders of the Future Keynote Speaker (click)
1946 Letter reprinted in 2019 Chatter (click)

Jim Kartheiser
1966 Attendance Points (click)​
Basketball…Ping Pong (click)
Softball Hall of Fame (click)

Ralph Stahl
​1956 Junior Olympics (click)
Awarded NBC Jacket (click)
Track Meet (click)

Gene Schulter
​Holiday Party (click)
Coonley Program…Clubhouse Renovation (click)
Foundation…Scholarships (click)

Bob Hoellen
​Boys Benefit Winner (click)
​Spiders (click)
Foundation…Scholarships (click)