CELEBRATE – Side by Side & 2013 HOF

On October 30, 2021 the neighborhood Boys and Girls Club will celebrate its 90th Anniversary
and induct seven new members into the Hall of Fame. The event will be at the White Eagle
Event and Convention Center in Niles, Illinois. Be sure to save the date. Look for event
details on NBGC’s website, media posts, emails and other sources.

This blog entry highlights the 2013 class of Hall of Fame inductees (below is the link to the
program for the occasion). We also take time to celebrate the auxiliary associations that
have made the Club so successful over the decades. Included are links to Monkeyshines,
​Alumni Chatters and the NBG Reporter- we hope you enjoy the memories.

Tickets to the 90th Anniversary and Hall of Fame Celebration
are on sale now and can be purchased online at:

2013 Anniversary and Hall of Fame Program (click)
Side by side

Over the decades, the NBGC has been supported by its auxiliary associations, where parents and community members directed their considerable energies into fundraising and support for the kids and all of the programs.

In other blog posts we focus on the Scholarship Committee, the Family Fest Carnival and our Alumni.

Here we want to celebrate two of our longest serving and most active associations- the Mom’s Club and the Dad’s Club (now combined into the Parent’s Club).

These two groups planned most of the Club’s events, and raised most of its funds. Not only were both clubs the soul of the Family Fest, but each held their own annual events.

Early on, the Dad’s Club was known for, among other things, its Pancake Breakfasts and the annual Spring Dance-

Spring Dance (click)

Another big yearly event was the Christmas Tree Sale. I can still see Hall of Famer Tom Nickels manning the warming hut- the Dad’s were in the NBGC parking lot no matter the weather!

The Bears Bash has been one of the modern era’s most successful events- started with the help of Hall of Famer Jerry Ottesen, and sponsored annually by Hall of Famer Jim Morici-

Bears Bash and Christmas Tree Sale (click)

The Mom’s Club hosted so many events throughout the years- and these Hall of Famers certainly did their part: Juanita Loosevelt’s and Mary Dwyer’s Rummage Sale; Dorothy Krier and the Christmas Fair (with Hall of Famer Peter Krier as Santa Claus); and “Mama Gloria” Ottesen’s Spaghetti Dinners-

Spaghetti Dinner (click)

Not only did the clubs combine their efforts for the Family Fest, but put on a legendary Haunted House- driven by Paul and Jean Goerner (when added to their Carnival work, they were busy from June into November)-

​Haunted House raises $30,000 (click)

All of this meant hard work, long hours and amazing dedication- and the Mom’s and Dad’s raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to support the Club.

But they did something else:

They had FUN!

You can ask any of our Hall of Famers and I think that’s the answer you’ll get.

They built lifelong friendships, a community for their families and expressed their personal talents and passions.

Please watch the following video of Hall of Famer Sue Fahey and her husband, Bob, performing at a Mom’s Club Spring Social. The Mom’s and Dad’s put on these elaborate variety shows- live music, handmade costumes, original routines. And so many of the parents stepped up- even if show business wasn’t in there veins.

I think you’ll see the fun and enthusiasm our volunteers bring to the Club.

And please come join us- contact the NBGC to volunteer. Help us keep the Club growing – “Side by Side”.

Bob Mergens
Free throw record (click)
Ping Pong champ (click)
Studies for the seminary (click)
Always there (click)

Cas Urban
Organizes choir (click)
​Tribute banquet (click)
Obituary (click)

Don Wilhelm
Gets married (click)
Baby girl (click)
Son joins Club (click)

Gloria and Jerry Ottesen
First spaghetti dinner (click)
Club Repair and Build (click)
Tutoring (click)
Bears Bash (click)

Lunkes Family
Saves track meet (click)
Wrong way run (click)
Pat Lunkes wedding (click)
Space and equipment (click)
Fifty years of service (click)

Ted and Juanita Loosevelt
Water balloon toss (click)
Snow bound Turkey Bowl (click)
White Elephant (click)
True fan (click)
Thanks for all they do (click)