CELEBRATE – Veterans & 2014 HOF

On October 30, 2021 the Neighborhood Boys and Girls Club will celebrate its 90th Anniversary and induct seven new members into the Hall of Fame. The event will be at the White Eagle Event and Convention Center in Niles, Illinois. Be sure to save the date. Look for event details on NBGC’s website, social media posts, emails and other sources.

This blog entry highlights the 2014 class of Hall of Fame inductees (below is a link to the program for that occasion). We also take time to honor the veterans of the NBGC. Enjoy the memories… more importantly, make plans ​with your family and friends to join teammates for a wonderful night ​ to celebrate the NBGC!

​Tickets to the 90th Anniversary and Hall of Fame
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2014 Anniversary and Hall of Fame Program (click)
Connections- around the world.

For nine decades the NBC/NBGC has provided a solid footing and a stable community for its members, their families and our alumni. But never more so than during WWII.

Founder Robert Buehler’s brother was serving overseas and sending frequent letters home. Mr. Buehler got the idea of creating a newsletter to send to all the servicemen keeping them up to date on Club activities and in touch with their fellow soldiers. He spoke with Executive Director Dick Valentine and colleague Jim Desherow, and they started the Service Papers- which were sent to our NBC troops all over the globe. (A link to a Service Paper can be found in our “Making History” blog post.)

The following link has excerpts from letters sent home by our members:

The NBC’s impact on our members (click)

While stationed in northern Africa two NBCers run into each other:

Halfway around the world (click)

​The Service Papers were so important to the soldiers, Hall of Fame Member and veteran Ray Donner collected them and published some of them in a book:

A gift to the NBC (click)

“Better Men: The Story of Neighborhood Boys Club Alumni in WWII” (click)

Connections- here at home

​The Club kept current members in touch with their teammates serving overseas with weekly updates in the Monkeyshines:

“You And Me” Jan. 29, 1945 (click)

“You and Me” March 15, 1945 (click)

An annual football tournament was organized on Veteran’s Day to remember the”19″- NBC members who died in action during WWII. By 1970 that number had grown to the “24”:

The “19” (click)

The “24” (click)

Connections- each and every one

And, of course, the Club connected in a very personal way with its members and their families. Follow the story of Martin Joyce, his impact on the Club and the Club’s impact on him:

Martin Joyce (click)

A letter home (click)

Killed in action (click)

Letter from the NBC to the Martin family (click)

Memorial mass (click)

Purple Heart (click)

Finally, we would like to honor our Hall of Fame members who have fulfilled their ultimate duty and served in the military.

We’ve done a lot of research- but it if we’ve missed any Hall of Fame members who were veterans- please forgive us- and contact us so we can add their name.

Rev. Ray Baumhart Rich Brandon John Chambers
Bob Cole Tony Coppola Ray Donner
Dick Geshrey Paul Goerner,Sr. Arp Horvath
Ed Kelly Pete Krier Bert Lawrenz
​John Lunkes Jerry Ottesen Frank Peters
Jack Pittges Herb Preiner Dick Schroeder
Herb Veith Johnie Weigelt Don Wilhelm
Ray Donner
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Letter from boot camp (click)
Leatherneck wedding party (click)

Fred Stoesser
Greats of the gridiron (click)
On to ping pong City finals (click)
Alumni memories (click)

Ed Kelly
Christmas party (click)
Funds summer sports (click)
Scholarship sponsor (click)

Barrett Family
Jim and Mike high point trophies (click)
Blue Ox (click)
The Egg and I (click)
New toboggans (click)
Speedy recovery (click)
Dad’s Club honoree (click)
Mike Barrett Memorial (click)
Aces founder (click)

Herb Veith
Wrestling sweat suits (click)
Goalie powers (click)
Ducky Booth (click)
Pirates champs 3 years running (click)
St. Andrews (click)
Sponsors Track Meet (click)

Mary Dwyer
Mom’s Club news (click)
​Holiday Fair Chair (click)
Arp Horvath
Ties high jump record (click)
Welcome home from Air Force Academy (click)
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