Spaghetti Dinner

Starting in the 1980’s, the Moms Club launched one of its most popular fundraisers and social events – The Spaghetti Dinner.
The first one was held on May 22, 1982, and was a grand success. They continued on every year until 1997- or at least that is the last mention I see in the NBGC archives.
So many moms made this a special event year after year- unfortunately we don’t have a record of many of the supporters. But we would like to highlight some of the Neighborhood Boys and Girls Club Hall of Fame members who made the dinner such a great event:

Gloria Ottesen       Juanita Loosevelt      Julie Dakers    Darcia Brundidge
Anna Mae Cole      Mary Dwyer                Elma Stone
Mary Nickels          Gloria Goerner          Angie Jensen

Enjoy the articles and documents below, and see the names of many more that “served the spaghetti”!

From the May 1, 1982 “Monkeyshine” newsletter.

​                                       HELP THE MOTHERS’ CLUB
“The NBC Mother’s Club will be collecting tapes from Jewel in an effort to obtain the beautiful glassware they are giving away. If you would like to help, save your receipts and send them over with your son. The moms would like to use the glasses as a prize at the Spaghetti dinner in April. Spread the word!”

​From the February 19, 1983 “Monkeyshine” newsletter.

From the April 16, 1983 “Monkeyshine” newsletter.

From the March 31, 1984 “Monkeyshine” newsletter.

From the April 18, 1987 “Monkeyshine” newsletter.

From the April 8, 1995 “Monkeyshine” newsletter.

From the April 26, 1997 “Monkeyshines” newsletter.